Find your sound.

The perfect creative office for writing music or learning an instrument and singing. Compose or produce music in an inspiring atmosphere. Located in Põhjala tehas, the creative city of Northern Tallinn.

Kopli Sound Studio

Music lessons

For people who have always dreamed of one day learning the piano, the saxophone or singing. All ages welcome!

Music therapy

Discover your inner world and a deep satisfaction from creating. Let music support you and reduce your stress levels.

Studio rent

Take time for writing music without distractions or organize a meeting where you need to listen to music from high quality speakers.

Pohjala factory

The Studio

Kopli Sound studio is a creative space for music production and education. It's located in the creative city of Põhjala tehas - an area with industrial and artisan vibes, situated in the historically charming peninsula of Kopli, Northern Tallinn. Sources of inspiration near the studio are the park, the sea and the nature reserve of Paljassaare.